A fishy tale at the river

An enormous fish, believed to be a Mola Mola, or ocean sunfish, was washed ashore and found dead on an Australian beach last week.

The 1.8m specimen was found near the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia.

The ocean sunfish is distinct for both its immense size as well as its odd appearance, with a large head, flattened body and long fins.

According to National Geographic, the species can weigh up to 2.5 tonnes. It is found in oceans all over the world.

South Australian Museum fish collection manager Ralph Foster told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that this fish was only "average-sized", with the species able to grow nearly twice as big.

Ocean sunfish have also been known to damage vessels, Mr Foster added.

"We get a lot of them hit by boats, and some of them are so large they actually sink yachts," he said.

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