A black page in Korean history

Wielding a giant brush, a calligraphy artist sweeps bold strokes over a large piece of paper as part of a performance at Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul.

The performance yesterday was to mark the eve of the 108th death anniversary of Korean independence fighter Ahn Jung Geun.

In 1909, Ahn shot dead Hirobumi Ito, four-time prime minister of Japan and the first governor-general of then Japanese-run Korea. Ahn was sentenced to death by a Japanese colonial court and executed a year later at the age of 30.

Although the Japanese government branded Ahn a terrorist, Koreans celebrate him as a hero, reported BBC News.

In 2010, the Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall, which commemorates Ahn's life, was built in Seoul's Namsan Park. Another memorial hall was also set up in China's Harbin railway station, where the assassination took place.

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