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$640m yacht to rule the waves

The sailing ship White Pearl, described by media as a "mega sailing yacht", being prepared for a test voyage in Kiel, Germany, yesterday.

The ship, with masts of up to 90m, was built by the German Naval Yards shipbuilders.

The mega yacht has eight decks and its keel incorporates one of the largest single pieces of curved glass ever made, measuring 58 sq m and weighing 1,830kg.

Although it will have room for a crew of around 54, the yacht will have a high-tech digital control system operated by using a touch-sensitive sheet of black glass in the bridge.

It was built in one of the largest shipyards in the world in Nobiskrug, Germany.

The vessel, which cost Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko €400 million (S$640 million) to build, is one of the most advanced yachts of its kind. Mr Melnichenko, however, is expected to recover some of the costs by licensing the technology developed for the vessel for commercial applications.

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