Light art installations, Pikachu parade at Sentosa

Art installations will light up Palawan beach till Dec 31, as part of the Sentosa Island Lights event. For the first time in Singapore, there will also be a Pikachu Night Parade.

SINGAPORE - Step into a neon wonderland at Palawan Beach, Sentosa.

Sentosa Island Lights, previously known as Pop Up Night, features colourful art installations by local artists.

The installations are curated by Sam Lo, also known as Sticker Lady.

The event began last Friday (Nov 16), and will run till Dec 31, from 7pm daily.

In conjunction with Sentosa Island Lights, the Pikachu Night Parade will be held outside Japan for the first time.

A team of LED-lit Pikachu will parade along Palawan Beach from Dec 14 to 16 and Dec 21 to 23, from 7.30pm.