Junior SG Adventures EP4: Eurasian Heritage Centre

The word "Eurasian" generally refers to anyone of mixed European and Asian parentage. However, it was first coined by the British during their rule in India, to refer to descendants of a British and an Indian parent. The Eurasians in Singapore can trace their origins to various trading ports in the region where Europeans have settled, including Malacca, Penang, Bencoolen, Ceylon and Macau. 

In this episode of Junior SG Adventures, we will embark on a learning journey to understand more about the Singapore Eurasian community. 

About Junior SG Adventures

Junior SG Adventures is an online bilingual infotainment series for youngsters aged between 7 and 14.  In this series, youngsters can discover lesser-known stories behind iconic local landmarks and location, and learn more about Singapore's history and culture. Students can also test their knowledge after watching by doing the activities that will be featured in upcoming issues of Thumbs Up, a fortnightly current affairs publication for students.

Junior SG Adventures is also available on the zbschools.sg. All episodes come with Chinese and English subtitles.