Having a stressful day? Maybe you need some Kitten Therapy

Ending a stressful day with a bunch of kittens in a box doesn't sound that appealing, but hold that thought till you watch this video.

Straits Times Animal Antics

The video shows random people talking about how stressed they are. They enter a transparent box in the middle of a field in order to relax, and what happens next should bring a smile to your face. Suddenly, the box fills up with kittens, and needless to say, they are are small, furry and cute. The people genuinely look like they are having a ball of a time.

The video was uploaded on Nov 11 by SoulPancake which, according to its website, encourages people to explore what it means to be human. The video has garnered more than 500,000.

The verdict on Kitten Therapy: "You can't be stressed after sitting in a box full of kittens". Unless you are allergic to them, of course.