15 of the best interactive graphics for 2015

From the passing of Singapore’s founding father to the General Election, Singapore’s Golden Jubilee year was filled with historic and momentous occasions. Here are 15 of the best interactive features and data visualisations that not only capture these moments but also help you understand the news better.

1. Remembering Lee Kuan Yew, microsite

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew, microsite

To pay tribute to the late Lee Kuan Yew, The Straits Times published a microsite which featured an intimate collection of essays, speeches and reports from the archives. An interactive tribute wall was also created for the public to submit their memories of Mr Lee. http://str.sg/JpT

2. Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral procession: Your photos and stories

 Your photos and stories

In an effort to capture the atmosphere of what every Singaporean was seeing and feeling during the funeral procession of founding father Lee Kuan Yew, The Straits Times built a platform for users to submit their photos and have them tagged to a map. http://str.sg/ZaDo

3. Who’s who of Orchard Road

Who’s who of Orchard Road

Orchard Road may be said to be synonymous with the Singapore retail scene. Old money, new kids on the block, Singapore corporates and foreign players are all present along this strip. Interact with this 3D model of Orchard Road’s famous shopping malls and buildings to find out who owns them. http://str.sg/zRj

4. A look at the old within the new: Interactive of National Gallery Singapore

 Interactive of National Gallery Singapore

Nestled within the former Supreme Court and City Hall is a myriad of hidden walkways and former government offices that were once hidden from the public. Restored to its former glory and given a facelift as part of the National Gallery Singapore, these spaces are now accessible to the public. Follow this tour, made from a series of interactive 360-degree panoramas, for a guided trip through the hallways and rooms that witnessed the judicial and political changes of modern Singapore. http://str.sg/ZDmx

5. The day the mountain shook: One month after the Mount Kinabalu quake

 One month after the Mount Kinabalu quake

On June 5, 2015, a group of students from Tanjong Katong Primary School (TKPS) in Singapore were climbing Mount Kinabalu when a 5.9-magnitude quake struck, killing seven of them. Two of their teachers and a Singaporean adventure guide accompanying them were also killed. A month after the tragedy, The Straits Times retells their stories through the loved ones of the victims in this interactive feature. http://str.sg/MPr

6. How the Twittersphere reacted to July 7’s MRT breakdown

How the Twittersphere reacted to July 7’s MRT breakdown

Many commuters affected by July’s massive train disruption, which lasted for more than two hours, took to Twitter to share updates and vent their frustration. It spawned a trending hashtag - #ThingsIDidWhenMRTWasDown. This interactive shows how the hashtag trended and provides a searchable selection of related tweets to reveal what people were discussing during and after one of the worst MRT breakdowns in Singapore’s history. http://str.sg/7Pf

7. How the Singapore Government is spending its dollars in 2015

How the Singapore Government is spending its dollars in 2015Here is a breakdown on how the Singapore Government is allocating its finances in 2015. For FY2015, the Overall Budget Balance is projected to be a deficit of $6.7 billion or 1.7 per cent of GDP. However, this deficit will be covered by past surpluses with no draw on past reserves. Spend some time digging into the complex data with this easy-to-use and searchable interactive data visualisation. http://str.sg/o5A

8. 2015 General Election live results and candidates interactive graphics

test gif

View the results of GE2015, which the PAP won in a landslide victory, by geographical boundaries or by electoral weight. You can also deep dive into the data with the various visualisation layers and search for the results of an individual constituency or candidate. And oh, here’s a little secret you may have missed out: To find out more about a candidate, click on his or her name and be taken to the information card on the candidates page. http://str.sg/Z8Ht

9. #SGHaze explained

#SGHaze explained

For nearly two months this year, Singapore was shrouded in haze with pollutant levels hitting levels so high that schools had to shut for a day. Readers can see what caused the haze and how to protect themselves from its ill-effects. They can also get the most recent PSI data, see historical trends and explore the hot spots and wind maps which are updated in real-time. http://str.sg/ZXCj

10. Are the products you buy connected to the haze?

Are the products you buy connected to the haze?

Supermarkets in Singapore, including NTUC FairPrice and Sheng Siong, pulled the plug on the products of haze-linked firms. This is a look at how some of these companies are connected to the fires in Indonesia and the products they sell. http://str.sg/Zu8P

11. Meet PM Lee’s new Cabinet

Meet PM Lee’s new cabinet

Find out who is in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s line-up for the 13th Parliament, who is responsible for each ministry and the portfolios the newly elected MPs will take on. http://str.sg/ZB7A

12. MediShield Life: Answers to 101 frequently asked questions

 Answers to 101 frequently asked questions

MediShield Life came into effect on Nov 1, replacing the previous health insurance scheme, MediShield. Many concerns were raised by Singaporeans and permanent residents who are covered by the new scheme about changes to coverage. ST reporter Linette Lai, with help from the Ministry of Health, pulled together the answers to 101 frequently asked questions about MediShield Life for this comprehensive guide. http://str.sg/ZaDQ

13. The passionate love scale: How deep is your love?

 How deep is your love?

This graphic is based on a test developed in 1986 used by researchers to measure and assess passionate love and love’s three components: emotion, cognition and behavior. Try this quiz with the person you are in love with, or were most recently in love with, to see how deep your love really is. http://str.sg/ZaVx

14. Can you recognise your town from satellite images?

Can you recognise your town from satellite images?

Following the Sept 11 General Election, 16 town councils were formed to manage Singapore's 29 constituencies. In a statement on Oct 1, the Ministry of National Development said that of the 16 town councils, two were new, 13 reconstituted, and one unchanged. The Straits Times put your knowledge of Singapore to the test with this quiz, using satellite images. http://str.sg/Z6nN

15. Lower fees for childcare services: Find a centre near your home

 Find a centre near your home


From 2016, parents will pay lower childcare fees with the appointment of 23 pre-school partner operators which run 169 centres. Under the new partner operator scheme, these centres will have to cut and cap their fees at $800 a month (before GST) for full-day childcare. Want to know if there is a centre within 2km of your home? Key in your address or postal code and find out.  http://str.sg/ZLsD