15 of the best information graphics in 2015

Here are 15 of the best information graphics from The Straits Times’ Art Department for 2015. Topics ranging from state-of-the-art buildings to dinosaurs to the Singapore GP are explained with the use of 3D and detailed illustrations.




On Dec 26, 2004, a strong earthquake deep in the earth's crust caused a sudden jerk of the ocean floor, pushing the water upwards and resulting in one of the deadliest disasters in history. A look at the science behind the tsunami, how it unfolded and the immense loss of life and destruction it caused across 13 countries and two continents. http://str.sg/ZRrd

2. NTU sports a new green hall


NTU new sports hall graphic

The new three-storey NTU sports hall, which  opens in 2016, will boast the region's first large-span timber structure roof. The 10,000 sq m space will benefit from 40 per cent in energy savings and use 30 per cent less water. Carolyn Khew takes a closer look at the building. http://str.sg/ZRHs

3. The Singapore that LKY built


The Singapore that Lee Kuan Yew built

"Once in a long while in the history of a people there comes a moment of great change."

Mr Lee Kuan Yew's victory speech in 1959, after being elected Singapore's first Prime Minister, foretold the transformation of the country from a tiny slum-ridden trading post into a global metropolis by the time he stepped down in 1990. The Sunday Times looks at how Mr Lee and his team changed the destiny of Singapore and Singaporeans. http://str.sg/ZDc3

4.  A peek into the past


A peek into the past - Singapore's first natural history museum in graphics

Singapore’s first natural history museum - the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum - opened on April 28, 2015. The 8,500 sq m museum will highlight some of the centuries-old exhibits and three dinosaurs from the Jurassic period. ST artists Chng Choon Hiong and Tay Chern Hui give a first-hand view of some of the specimens.  http://str.sg/ZDcU

5. Still the street with the richest pickings


Print special graphic on Orchard Road

Orchard Road might have lost some glitz, but it is still the street that draws the top names in retail and F&B offerings. We track the who’s who on the road, how long they have owned their street-side assets, the tallest buildings on the strip and familiar Singapore names. http://str.sg/ZDc5

6.  Keeping roads safe


Keeping roads safe

The authorities rolled out measures to make roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. These included “silver zones” for the elderly and a proposed new law to make it illegal to use any function of a mobile device while holding it and driving. http://str.sg/ZDcc

7. A greener future?


How natural grass could be laid over artificial surface

The Sports Hub considered two possible remedies for its pitch woes. http://str.sg/ZDgE

8. Building on the past


A cross-cut of the National Gallery Singapore in 3D

Some members of the public got a sneak preview of the refurbished Supreme Court wing of the National Gallery Singapore before it opened in October. Deepika Shetty and Bryandt Lyn look at the highlights. http://str.sg/ZDga

9. Uniquely Singapore


A special graphic for the Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 race

From the sweltering humidity to the floodlights to the physical toll  on drivers, the Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix is a standout on the Formula One calendar. The Straits Times looks at what makes the night race special even in its eighth year.  http://str.sg/ZDgD

10. Built on green foundations


South Beach on Beach Road graphic about the buildings

The new landmark of Beach Road, South Beach boasts the state-of-the-art environmental features. It recently received two Green Mark Platinum Awards from the Building and Construction Authority. The Straits Times Art Department takes a closer look at the building. http://str.sg/ZzZb

11. Smart Singapore


Smart Singapore - a graphic on the ways Singaporeans are using technology to improve their lives.

Singapore is expanding its use of technology to entrench its position as a leading global city and improve Singaporeans' quality of life. This graphic highlights some upcoming initiatives. http://str.sg/ZzZK

12. Under Victoria's skin


A graphic explaining the revamp of the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.

The $158-million revamp of the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall required special care to avoid harming the national monument. The project was one of three winners of the Building and Construction Authority's Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Awards in 2015. http://str.sg/ZzZt

13. What happens to your voting slips


What happens to your voting slips

The Straits Times looked at the process from ballot box to burner. http://str.sg/Zz4k

14. What could have happened


What could have happened - graphic explaining lift accident

In the final investigation report, an authorised examiner reconstructed how the doors of a lift at Block 322, Tah Ching Road, might have severed the hand of Madam Khoo Bee Hua. http://str.sg/Zz4Z

15. Moving house


How eight raintrees were replanted outside Victoria Theatre

Weighing from 40 to 92 tonnes each, eight raintrees were uprooted and then re-planted outside Victoria Theatre, as part of the efforts to transform the civic district into an arts and culture precinct. Five more Angsana trees were transplanted by November. The Straits Times looks at how the tricky procedure is done. http://str.sg/Zz4U