Editor's Take: Will social media sentiment translate into actual vote share?

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SINGAPORE - As campaigning for this year's polls comes to an end today, how much influence does social media have in this so-called digital general election?

The Straits Times executive editor Sumiko Tan ponders whether social media sentiment will translate into actual vote share.

"While you may have a good laugh over a video clip of a candidate that's been so widely shared even your tech-averse elderly mother saw it on her mahjong WhatsApp group, does that necessarily translate into a vote against the candidate? Or a vote for his opponent?" Ms Tan asks.

GE2020 Editor's Take is a daily series where senior ST editors share their thoughts on what the top news of the day will be, what's next and why it matters.

Today's episode is the last of this series as election campaigning comes to a close tonight.

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