Editor Says: As the media goes, so goes democracy

SINGAPORE - Editor Says is a new weekly video series where Mr Warren Fernandez, editor-in-chief of The Straits Times, discusses the top story of the week, why it matters and what's next.

It is released around the same time as the ST Editor's Picks newsletter, which is curated by Mr Fernandez every Friday.

In the sixth episode of Editor Says on Friday (Dec 4), he speaks on the ground-rules of democracy.

Democracy depends on voters to be active, engaged and informed on major issues to make their own decisions, he says. This should not be outsourced to Big Tech - it is the public service mission of trusted media, says Mr Fernandez.  It's also the topic he takes up in his Thinking Aloud column this week.

The Editor Says video is a way for readers who are on the go to get a quick look at a story that stood out during the week.

There will also be a podcast version of the episode that goes out every Friday afternoon on The Straits Times' channel on audio apps Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts, and on Google Home and Nest devices.

It will also be aired on SPH's Money FM 89.3 radio station on Friday at 4.55pm.

"The Editor Says video and podcast are part of The Straits Times' efforts to bring you content across platforms, as more and more people are reading and following us in different ways throughout the day," said Mr Fernandez.

"So you can read the ST Editor's Picks newsletter sent to your e-mail inbox on your device, and you can also catch the Editor Says video or hear the podcast while on the go," he said.