Cheeky the horse rides along on that bass

Saddle up and trot along to singer Meghan Trainor's hit song All About That Bass.

That's just what Cheeky the horse did. 



Straits Times Animal Antics

The former racehorse from Ireland is undergoing training in England to become a riding horse.

Its racing days may be over, but Cheeky is still a champ, trainer Emma Jones told Horse Collaborative website.

She said: "He’s a very talented boy, came first in his first dressage test and second in his first 'racehorse to riding horse' class, which qualified us for the local championship."

Cheeky shot to fame in September when Ms Jones posted a video of it horsing around to All About That Bass. Five days on Facebook and the post drew 14 million likes.

The duo now have their own Facebook page, Emma and Cheeky, where you can check out what else the talented horse is up to.