Animal lovers lap up Puppy Bowl showdown

Straits Times Animal Antics

While most Americans tuned in to the annual Super Bowl championships on Sunday, another American football game was winning viewers over with cute, frisky puppies.

More than 50 young canines faced off in the 11th Puppy Bowl this year, where rough play is disallowed, but ruff play is more than welcome.

Team Ruff emerged victorious, trouncing opponents Team Fluff 87-49.

The sports-pups were gathered from shelters and recue organisations across the United States.

But dogs were not the only stars of the show.

While the human-centric Super Bowl starred singer Katy Perry during half-time, “Katty Furry” hogged the limelight in the Puppy Bowl halftime show with her feline rendition of the hit song Roar.

Highlights of the game and photos of the players can be found on the Animal Planet site