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Malaysia GE

Coming clean on combat ship fiasco is a risky gambit for Malaysia PM Ismail and Umno

Insiders say Malaysia's defence procurement has been a source of dispensing patronage to vested interest groups linked to Umno.

Malaysia Finance Minister denies Budget will be brought forward to allow early election

Talk of the budget being tabled in late September or early October were "just rumours", he said.

Scandal in Malaysia's defence deal bogs down Umno ahead of election

Critics have drawn parallels with Malaysia's other graft scandals, such as embezzlement at state fund 1MDB.

Umno-led Barisan Nasional sets its sights on recapturing Selangor in next GE

BN has a "fighting chance" of winning back the state of Selangor, said former premier Najib Razak.

Hot issues

Smuggling, scrapping of subsidies fuelling shortage of cheapest cooking oil in Malaysia

Economists agree that a better long-term solution would be to abolish subsidies and provide direct assistance to the needy.

Malaysian doctors fear greater manpower crunch as new Covid-19 wave looms

Doctors of at least two key public hospitals say junior doctors have been quitting in droves. 

Malaysia to distribute $550m in cash aid amid rising prices

Up to RM500 will be given to eligible recipients from next Monday.

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