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Lunch with Sumiko: Ninja Van founders on the three rules for working together

One of the rules Lai Chang Wen, Boxian Tan and Shaun Chong abide by is never do anything to unfairly put down someone else.

It's a family affair at EtonHouse group of schools as son helps mum to oversee business

Mr Ng Yi-Xian left his US job to return home to help his mother Mrs Ng Gim Choo run the EtonHouse group of schools.

Lunch with Sumiko: Kristo Kaarmann on Wise’s way to dealing with high bank money transfer fees

The Estonian was so upset by the high fees that banks charged for international money transfers that he and a friend started TransferWise, now known as Wise.

Lunch with Sumiko: Sun Xueling on giving children a voice

The vulnerability of children is something close to the heart of Minister of State Sun Xueling.