Wrist Taker


Who: Beatrice Chia-Richmond, 43, actress/director

The watch: Raymond Weil Toccata White Dial

How much I paid for it: It was given to me a year ago as a gift from Raymond Weil as part of Singapore Women's Weekly's annual Great Women Of Our Time Awards.

Why I like it: Since July this year, I've been working on a new television series called Bra.

It's my first acting role in 15 years and it's a dream role. I play a famous oncologist named Dr Alexis Chua who is strong, deeply intelligent and full of heart. I picked this watch to wear while playing the character as I thought it would suit her and the story.

In the story, Alexis discovers that she has breast cancer, is pregnant and has only eight months to live.

In her race against time, she tries to reconcile past hurts, falls in love, develops true friendships and, ultimately, embraces the meaning of life.

This watch is simple, clean and uncomplicated, much like how time is in Alexis' complicated life.

I felt it was a perfect match for her. I wear it every day as I play her.

Wong Kim Hoh

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