Wrist Taker


Who: Bernard Oh, 51, chief executive officer, amc asia!

The watch: Ploprof 1200M Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer 55 X 48 MM (steel on steel)

How much I paid for it: $9,500

Why I like it: About three years ago, I was with my kids in the warm waters of Komodo, drifting along with the swift current.

On our left was a wall of coral stretching down 80m or more and on our right, the deep blue.

All of a sudden the current split off into two directions, as they are notoriously wont to do in that part of the world, and dragged my son with it.

Quick wit and a whole lot of finning got me to him. I helped him to safer depths, but not before I banged my watch against a rock, shattering the dial.

Because it's an Omega and one of the finest dive watches in the world, it is still working great.

Although the smashed dial has not been repaired, I still wear the watch.

Maybe it's sentiment that has kept it on my wrist. It's a personal reminder that life is indifferent and fleeting.

It is a rapid drift and to survive its sudden turns, we sometimes just have to gather our guts and swim the hell out of it.

Wong Kim Hoh

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