Woman refused to have sex, jury told

Gao Yunxiang.
Gao Yunxiang.

SYDNEY• The two men refused to heed the woman's requests not to have sex.

That was the position taken by crown prosecutor Sean Hughes in his opening address on Tuesday in the New South Wales District Court, in a trial involving Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang, 37, and producer Wang Jing, also 37.

They are accused of assaulting and raping the woman in Sydney's Shangri-La hotel in March last year.

Mr Hughes told the jury that they would hear testimony from the woman over what happened after a party to celebrate the work done on shooting Chinese-language TV series Love In Aranya.

The guests had started with dinner before heading to a karaoke club. The woman ended up in Wang's hotel room later where she had to fend off the two men, Mr Hughes said, adding: "She raised her hands and said 'no, no, no'."

"The complainant said: 'No, I want to go'... the accused must have known and been in no doubt that what they were doing was without her consent."

The court was told that she left the room after 4am and went home, where her husband noticed something was amiss. She went to a police station later that day.

But Gao's lawyer told the jury that anything that occurred that night was "entirely consensual" and that she had lied to the police.

Wang's lawyer argued that the woman was "completely free to leave that hotel at any time, just as she was free to leave at any stage during what was a long night out".

Wang and Gao had met only a few times and had not socialised together in the past, the lawyer added.

The trial continues.

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