Will you be home this CNY?

Photo: SPH Content Lab
Photo: SPH Content Lab

Because reunions count, Tiger Beer has brought five Singaporeans, who are stationed abroad, home to their loved ones to celebrate Chinese New Year together.

Dear you,

Remember the Chinese New Year of your childhood? It was a riotous, joyous occasion. One where extended family members gathered for reunions and celebrated our kinship. Visiting one another throughout the 15-day period. Eating our weight in pineapple tarts and bak kwa and watching the adults raise their Tiger Beer to ‘yam seng’ to good health.

Chinese New Year. It happens just once a year. Yet, it is increasingly challenging to gather the family these days. Some take advantage of the public holidays to travel overseas. Others refuse to visit due to some ancient family feud. Some simply don’t want to celebrate the festival. Then there are those who have been working and living abroad, who have not made it back in years even though they may yearn for home.

As in all relationships, sometimes all it takes is that little bit of effort to reach out and communicate. It is time to rekindle ties. Fortunately, Tiger Beer, born and brewed in Singapore and the only beer that reflects our uniquely Singaporean tastes, stepped up to the challenge. Because it wants to make reunions count, it recently organised a successful The Reunion project, where they received over 300 entries who nominated their loved ones living abroad to win them a round trip home to celebrate the Year of the Dog.

Melbourne-based Eugene Tan, 27, was nominated by his best friend Patrick Chia, who has been missing his pal since he moved to Australia six years ago. While their common friends have celebrated their decade-long friendship, Eugene had to miss the merrymaking due to work commitments. “Apart from the friendship, my parents have long considered him as my ‘brother’ who would go the extra mile to render help when needed. We hope he can be back to join us for a reunion dinner since we are unable to fly over to him this year,” wrote a very persuasive Patrick, succeeding to win Eugene a trip home. They certainly deserve a Tiger Beer to toast to their brotherhood!

The second winner, Grace Choa, 49, was nominated by her sister Bee Hong. Due to work and financial commitments, Grace and her two daughters, who live in Hong Kong, hardly come home for CNY. Bee Hong says their mother, who is handicapped from a stroke and who also suffers from depression, has always longed for a big family reunion which has been delayed for at least a decade. “If Grace and her daughters can come home for reunion this year, it will definitely bring a big smile to my mother's face and lots of love and laughter in the home. Thank you for coming up with such a heart-warming campaign to reunite loved ones,” penned Bee Hong. Thanks to the effort of Patrick and Bee Hong, Eugene and Grace will soon be jetting home to spend their first CNY in Singapore in years.

Besides the two winners, Tiger Beer also reunited the Lee siblings with their parents, whose personal homecoming stories launched The Reunion Project. Oakland-based scientist Donna Lee, 39, Amsterdam-based team manager for quality assurance and assessment bureau Lee Wai Min, 32, and Toronto-based real estate consultant Daniel Lee, 28, have spent many years abroad and away from their parents David Lee, 65, and Karen Chan, 61. Among the things they miss most about Singapore: “Chinese New Year dinner with all five family members at a round dining table, red packets, bak kwa,” shared Daniel. 

This CNY, Eugene, Grace, and the Lee siblings will finally toast to good health with their Tiger Beer, basking in the love of those who eagerly awaited their return. And we hope this will be the start of a renewed tradition to come home every year. Because CNY only happens once a year. Make reunions count.

And you, remember to grab your Tiger Beer CNY packs at leading supermarkets or hypermarkets to make your reunion dinner complete.