Will classics still have the same magic?

It was interesting to read about the revival of classic American television programmes coming our way (Life, Oct 28).

But the question must be this: Will it ever be the same? It is like meeting a long-lost love after an extended hiatus. Will the magic still be there?

Sadly, much of the time, it won't be. An older cast, forced to work in the present environment with different expectations, might not be able to break new ground.

It will be quite a stretch for them to dominate the small screen as they did in the 1990s and 1980s.

Nowadays, many shows do not have the same appeal, despite technological advances.


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What is lacking are style and substance to go with an effective plot.

The leading TV show today is one about a bunch of human survivors amid a zombie apocalypse.

The fact that the undead sometimes steal the show from the living is telling.

Manoraj Rajathurai

It would be great if MediaCorp could bring back classics such as Friends, Ally McBeal and The X-Files.

It would be even better if classic British comedies such as Dad's Army, Yes Minister and Allo Allo make comebacks.

Harry Chia

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