Who are you calling old?

I refer to the letter Passing Theatre’s Baton (Life, April 30). While I support the need for theatre “pioneers” to passon the torch to the younger generation to promote a continuity of the arts, the writer’s description of this as a “pressing need” is odd. It suggests that the older directors should give way to the younger generation so that they can “carry the baton”.

I wish to point out that at the age of 50, artists, especially directors, are just beginning to find their voices. Great directors such as Peter Brook, 91,and Yukio Ninagawa, 80, are still practising their craft.

I believe the theatre scene in Singapore can accommodate directors young and old. In the process of grooming young talent, we must not forget to provide sufficient and appropriate platforms for the older practitioners to continue their work. Fifty is not old. It is the new 30.

Jeremiah Choy


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