Where to find better bee hoon

Tuck into braised pork trotter bee hoon from Sum Kee Food.
Tuck into braised pork trotter bee hoon from Sum Kee Food. PHOTO: SUM KEE FOOD

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More than 500 Japanese cattle paraded around a ring in Sendai City, Japan, to win prizes in categories including best beef cattle and most fertile cow.

Fertility is judged by the shape of the cow's shoulders, the tone of its legs and the flatness of its back.

Watch a Reuters video about the wagyu show: http://str.sg/4Vbf


The World Black Pudding Throwing Championships took place last week in northern England.

The tournament, which dates back more than 100 years, centres on knocking Yorkshire puddings off a plinth by hurling blood sausages at them.

Watch a Reuters video about the event: http://str.sg/4VbQ


The New Paper has listed six places for bee hoon, from fried seafood white bee hoon to braised pork trotter bee hoon.

Eateries include Sum Kee Food in Yung Ho Road, Top Seafood in Bedok North Street 2 and Kim's Place Seafood in Joo Chiat.

Head online for the full list.

Six eateries for bee hoon: http://str.sg/4V8C


ST Food has picked up five laksa recipes from The Star in Malaysia, from assam laksa that is popular in Penang and Malacca to laksa kuah putih, a laksa with a white gravy from Kelantan.

Laksa recipes: http://str.sg/4VbV and http://str.sg/4H98

Follow The New York Times' recipe for a corn and clam chowder with zucchini and herbs.

The chowder is inspired by a Tuscan vegetable soup and includes polenta.

And, unlike most other clam chowders which start with a base of bacon and milk, this one does not contain the cured and smoked pork and calls for creme fraiche or sour cream in place of milk.

Clam chowder recipe: http://str.sg/4V8K

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