What to do and where to go if you are staying in Singapore during the June holidays

Sleep next to the manatees at the River Safari’s RiverBed and Breakfast camp.
Sleep next to the manatees at the River Safari’s RiverBed and Breakfast camp. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE - Not planning an overseas trip during the June holidays? There is still lots to see and do in Singapore.

While children - it is the school holidays, after all - will be spoilt for choice by the number of activities on offer, the adults are not forgotten as well.

Here is a look at what is in store.

Holiday camps galore

The visual arts holiday camp at Playeum allows children to explore the home as a place for inventing, learning and creating. PHOTO: PLAYEUM

From pitching a tent at the zoo to practising yoga to tinkering with coding, The Straits Times checked out 15 holiday camps for children.

Choices include sports, outdoor, educational and hands-on camps.



Inaugural Lo & Behold Group Festival

Play dress-up at costume party Guilty Pleasures: The Riverdale Special at OverEasy Orchard.PHOTO: THE LO & BEHOLD GROUP

The hospitality company will host an assortment of parties, workshops and serve plenty of food and drinks across six of its establishments, including Sentosa's Tanjong Beach Club and The Black Swan in Cecil Street - from Monday (May 29) to June 25.

"While the June holidays are full of activities targeting children or students, we feel that the ones who really need a holiday are the grown-ups," said Lo & Behold's director of marketing and communications Tania Chan.

A total of 350 free food and drink deals will be given away each week during the festival.


Fun on the cheap

Parenting organisation and social enterprise Chapter Zero Singapore set up a temporary playground using all kinds of recycled materials for children during the March school holidays. PHOTO: CHAPTER ZERO SINGAPORE

While some parents sign their children up for various classes during the school holidays, others choose to entertain their children themselves.

ST spoke to some parents to find out what kind of activities they plan for their children to keep them occupied.


Go glamping

Ms Natalia Yeo celebrated her birthday by glamping with her friends. She said the experience was "very Instagram- worthy".ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

For those who want to go camping but do not wish to rough it out, there's glamping - outdoor fun with all the indoor creature comforts.

A handful of glamping providers have sprung up in the last one or two years, tempting pampered urbanites with the promise of a hassle-free experience with nature.


Interesting playgrounds

Four-year-old Lucas Au (above) on the flying fox at the West Coast Park playground, which also has a giant rope pyramid. PHOTO: TIFFANY GOH FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

Craving some fun in the sun? The playground at Marina Cove in East Coast Park, which opened in July last year, boasts an array of inclusive play elements that proves to be a big draw for many children.

ST also sussed out five other other interesting public playgrounds that have more than just simple swings and slides - the one at West Coast Park, for instance, has an arsenal of adventurous play equipment such as a flying fox and a giant rope pyramid, while Yishun residents have a nearby playground which features art installations at Yishun River Green.