Uber brings healthy competition...

Uber has many drivers who are younger than 30 and in career transition.

During a ride I booked through Uber, the 33-year-old driver said he left his job with a monthly salary of $2,800 and that he preferred to drive for Uber as he could earn $3,000 a month.

Young people like him could be a massive pool of resources for Uber and this could be a threat to taxi operators.

I am for third-party ride-booking apps as they are innovative and allow people, especially those transitioning between jobs, to earn extra income.

David Moses

The views in Uber Driving Cabbies Crazy (Life, Oct 18) are balanced and thoughtful and take into account the positions of all parties involved: private-hire drivers, taxis drivers and passengers.

The competition is fair and good for the improvement of service standards, which may even encourage some people to give up driving. It is something I myself am seriously considering.

Taxi operators have to take some responsibility for our taxi woes before private taxi apps came along. They did not bother to upgrade their service to match supply with demand and instead just imposed advance booking fees and surcharges. They also charged high rentals, resulting in cabbies having to drive long hours to cover their expenses.

The writer is spot on to say that the government review team has to be extra skilful in their deliberations.

Danny Ng

I am not a fan of Singapore taxis. I think our cabbies are indifferent and play hide and seek at certain times so they can earn more through surcharges and booking fees.

I do not face such problems overseas. For instance, I can arrive in Brisbane, Australia, after midnight and get a cab without having to pay a surcharge.

Some cabbies here offer poor service.

In Tokyo, the taxi driver is professional, polite and helps the passenger with luggage. If it is raining, he will shelter the passenger with an umbrella to the building.  

We should do away with the extra charges.  If taxi drivers do not want to take you, call an Uber driver.

Eddie Leong

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