Trot in the Year of the Pig with Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Was the Big Bad Wolf really all that bad? Find out the truth at the Three Little Pigs: A Lunar Adventure story walk at the Singapore Zoo and River Safari this Lunar New Year. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE
Was the Big Bad Wolf really all that bad? Find out the truth at the Three Little Pigs: A Lunar Adventure story walk at the Singapore Zoo and River Safari this Lunar New Year. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Hang out with mini pigs and other festive events at all four of Singapore’s wildlife parks this Lunar New Year

As kids, we all read classic children’s stories where the main characters live happily ever after.

But one question always remains: what about the “bad guys”? 

You won’t have to wonder any more this festive season, thanks to Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).

WRS is bringing Year of the Pig celebrations to all four of Singapore’s wildlife parks — Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

At the Singapore Zoo and River Safari, you’ll be able to watch characters inspired by the mini pig, red river hog and collared peccary take centre stage in a self-guided story walk, in a whole new retelling of the Three Little Pigs.

Get answers to all the questions you ever had about this classic story. Was the Big Bad Wolf really as bad as the story makes him out to be? Did he really mean to blow the Three Little Pigs’ house down? Entitled Three Little Pigs: A Lunar Adventure, the story walk promises to surprise you and your family with a fun twist on the traditional tale. 

As a bonus, the Cape Barren goose (also known as the “pig goose” for its deep, pig-like grunt) and the mini “flying” pig will be featured in their very own story at Jurong Bird Park. What happens when a mini pig wishes with all his heart that he could fly? There’s only one way to find out — bring your kids to The Pig Who Wanted to Fly: A Lunar Adventure, and step into a world where pigs can really take to the skies.

A walk on the wild side

The Zoodiac Animal Enrichment Workshop will let guests make festive animal enrichment devices for featured zodiac animals. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Kick-start your own adventure at the wildlife parks after reading about the Lunar New Year adventures of these three little pigs.

Start by getting up close and personal with Singapore Zoo’s stars of the season, the adorable mini pigs. You’ll get the chance to snap a photo with them at Rainforest Kidzworld, and feed them and their rhino friends on the special Lunar New Year edition of the Wild Discoverer Tour. 

Then brush up on your pig knowledge at the Trot Truths Booth, where you might discover some unexpected facets of these animals. For instance, did you know that pigs are actually highly intelligent, and have an excellent sense of smell? There’s plenty more to find out — and who knows? You might come away with a whole new appreciation of pigs.

Keep the momentum going by watching various festive animal enrichments at each park, where you’ll get to see the animals’ keepers feed them specially made-treats in festive themes. In particular, you’ll get to see the red river hog toss a lo hei of its own at Singapore Zoo. 

Watch keepers feed various animals festive-themed treats at the animal enrichment workshops. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Enhance your experience at the Zoodiac Animal Enrichment Workshop, where you can make your own animal enrichment devices for featured zodiac animals like rabbits, goats, dogs and rats. Then watch them in action as they have fun with your new creations, designed to keep the animals active and healthy.

Festive delights

Several of the parks' regular experiences are getting festive this season, including River Safari's Once Upon a River animal presentation and Jurong Bird Park's Bird's Eye Tour. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

But just because the pigs are the stars of the show, that doesn’t mean that other animals won’t get their fair share of time in the limelight. 

Several of the parks’ regular experiences are also getting festive this Lunar New Year. Like the Wild Discoverer Tour at Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park is also introducing the exclusive Lunar New Year Edition of the Bird’s Eye Tour. You’ll be able to fly a raptor and snuggle up to Sally the hornbill, and in the spirit of the season, you can make angbaos and fruit kebabs for weaning birds too. 

River Safari’s Once Upon a River animal presentation will also see the grey parrot Lowe pick out auspicious numbers for the audience, so make sure you stay till the end. 

Pile on the good fortune at the Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo animal presentations as the animals unveil festive greetings at the former’s High Flyers Show (expect aerial delivery of red packets from Sassy, the sulphur-crested cockatoo), and the latter’s Animal Friends Show, Splash Safari and Rainforest Fights Back. And so long as you’re accruing good fortune, read your predictions along the Zoo-diac Trail for expert advice on next year’s fortunes.

Night Safari's Thumbuakar fire-breathing performances are a sure-fire hit with visitors. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

With Thumbuakar fire-breathing performances, appearances by the God of Fortune and Fu Lu Shou and spectacular lion dances, WRS has made sure that this Lunar New Year will be full of non-stop fun. 

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