Woman's rant about fellow Chinese tourist in Thailand goes viral

Ms Ji Bin Bin (pictured) was annoyed at a fellow Chinese tourist who wanted to bring home a piece of wood from Lover's Beach in Phuket.
Ms Ji Bin Bin (pictured) was annoyed at a fellow Chinese tourist who wanted to bring home a piece of wood from Lover's Beach in Phuket.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK

A video of a Chinese woman expressing her annoyance at the inappropriate behaviour of Chinese tourists has gone viral.

In the three-minute video filmed at Lover's Beach in Phuket, Thailand, the woman, identified as Ms Ji Bin Bin, talks about her unhappiness with a fellow Chinese tourist from the same tour group from Shanghai.

Speaking in Mandarin, she said: "Earlier on at the Lover's Beach, there was a tourist from Jiangsu, Shanghai, who wanted to bring back this piece of wood. The tour guides told her that all the things at the beach - every blade of grass, every rock, every grain of sand-all cannot be taken away."

According to Ms Ji, the female tourist then began to argue with the tour guides, saying she had been to more than 20 countries around the world and brought back whatever she wanted from each place, as long as it was allowed by the law and customs.

Ms Ji said she then stepped in and the woman left the wood alone.

Ms Ji took the opportunity to highlight how this sort of behaviour had resulted in the negative sentiments towards Chinese tourists.

"We keep telling you about the rules and regulations and the law and you just won't listen. You say back in China we can do this. If not for these rules, I tell you, us Chinese tourists would have long emptied this beach within a year," she said in the video posted online on Aug 7.

She also recounted another instance of unpleasant behaviour when a young boy had taken drinks from their tour group without permission.

Her video has since been watched more than 443,000 times with 6,500 shares on her Facebook page, where she has 5,500 followers.

The same video uploaded on Chinese website Shangaiist's Facebook page with English subtitles has over two million views.

Netizens from both Thailand and China seem to agree with her views.

Facebook user Nirachai Kaewbuadee commented on her video: "In the name of Thailand I like to thank you from my heart, you're the best!"

Another Facebook user Marco Pai wrote: "I (wish) all Mainlanders would be like you! You are the Best !"

Another user Patrick Zhengler said: "take my hats off to you , Good scolding , we need more civilized people like you... keep it up !!! (sic)"