Why window seats are better for long-haul flights

Besides offering a view, window seats allow passengers a safe and uninterrupted sleep that is essential for long-haul flights. PHOTO: REUTERS

JAKARTA (ASIA NEWS NETWORK/THE JAKARTA POST) - Although an aisle seat may allow you easier access to the lavatory when you're on a long-haul flight, the less desirable window seat offers more than just a view.

Here's why you have to at least consider a window seat next time you travel, as quoted by Kompas.com.

Uninterrupted sleep

During long-haul flights, you need to sleep and the best sleep you can get is when you don't have to be interrupted by somebody going in and out of the seating row. The perfect place you can find is the window seat. Equip yourself with a travel pillow, lean into the window and wake up fresh at your destination.

Million-dollar view

Fill your Instagram feed with tons of cloud-parting shots, taken from the comfort of your window seat. If you're lucky, you may even capture the beautiful sunrise and golden hours.

Wider space

Contrary to what may seem, in several types of aircraft, window seats have wider under-seat space, which means more storage for your hand-carried goods.

Comfortable seating

If you're tall or have long legs, sitting on an aisle seat might not be too comfortable as your leg might be an obstacle for traffic. In a window seat, at least you will not be forced to switch positions too often due to people passing around you.

Light management

You have full control of the window shutter, perfect for long-haul flights. Need we say more?


Overhead compartments possess a hidden danger for those sitting beneath. If they are not securely locked, or during turbulence, goods stored in there may fall on your head. Sitting in the window seat lowers this risk.

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