Travelling with kids? Emirates takes care of their needs for a stress-free flight

From food to entertainment, the award-winning airline spares no effort in meeting the needs of young travelers

Travelling with your kids is made easier with Emirates' Department of Family Travel. Watch how Kiss92 FM DJ Shan Wee enjoys flying with his boys on Emirates.
Young travellers are in for a treat on Emirates flights. PHOTO: EMIRATES
Young travellers are in for a treat on Emirates flights. PHOTO: EMIRATES

December is usually the time of the year when the whole family goes on a holiday, especially to destinations farther from home. With Singapore being a transit hub, it’s not difficult to fly directly to holiday destinations around the globe. Top flights out of Singapore with Emirates during this season include destinations like Dubai, Australian cities of Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as European getaways such as Paris and Munich.

Each of these cities makes excellent choices for family travel but they have one thing in common: Getting there involves a long-haul flight. If you are travelling with young children, a flight of more than seven hours can appear daunting.

If you have gone on family vacations with kids, you would know that getting them to stay put in their plane seat for long hours can be a challenge. They get restless, they bounce up and down in their seats or they might even want to walk around the plane when the seat-belt sign is on.

Their small stomachs also mean they might require small and frequent meals to meet their energy and nutrient requirements throughout the flight.

With the needs of the little ones in mind (that includes babies, toddlers and children of all ages), Emirates has set up the Department of Family Travel. It is a kid-oriented programme to help ensure that the airline's young passengers – and their parents – get an enjoyable flying experience.

All you have to do is book a flight with Emirates to enjoy the following perks made especially for kids.

A wide range of meals for children

Let Emirates serve your kids meals according to their dietary needs. PHOTO: EMIRATES

From baby formula to nutritious and tasty meals for two- to 12-years-old, Emirates will take care of your child’s meals upon boarding the flight. Available upon request, the crew has milk formula and bottles onboard so you don’t have to worry about packing your own supply in your carry on. For kids who are following a diet plan, you can simply request to order a specific meal prior to flying. Alternatively, you can pack your own meals for your children and have the meals heated during the flight.

Non-stop entertainment

Children can enjoy 150 channels on Emirates flights. PHOTO: EMIRATES

Afraid your kid might get bored onboard the flight?

With Emirates being the Skytrax 2019 winner of the Best Inflight Entertainment, rest assured your little ones will be kept entertained. Emirates has 150 kids channels to choose from including their favourite Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon programs. The crew will even provide snack baskets containing fruits and popcorn so that they have something to munch on while watching a show or movie.

Free toys and activity packs

If you want lesser screen time for your kid, you can ask for free animal toys or activity packs on your Emirates flight. Keep your child busy with puzzles and books.

Keep your children busy with Emirates' activity packs. PHOTO: EMIRATES

You may also tuck them in complimentary snuggly colourful blankets as they enter a world of their own.

Let your kids go on an adventure with these free animal buddies. PHOTO: EMIRATES

Tuck your children with these snuggly colourful blankets throughout your Emirates flight. PHOTO: EMIRATES