Titanic hotel to open in Belfast in September

One of the rooms available in Titanic Hotel Belfast.
One of the rooms available in Titanic Hotel Belfast.PHOTO: TITANIC HOTEL BELFAST

THE JAKARTA POST - The long-awaited opening of Titanic Hotel Belfast in Belfast, Ireland, is on scheduled for Sept 10.

Situated in the former Harland & Wolff headquarters and historic Drawing Offices, the establishment boasts 119 rooms, each with breathtaking views of Belfast's rich shipbuilding history.

The Harland & Wolff headquarters building is often regarded as the creative hub of Northern Ireland. Many might know the Titanic as "the world's most famous ship after Noah's Ark", but the company built over 1,700 other vessels, some of which were the largest, most innovative and luxurious ships of all time. Guests at the hotel will have the opportunity to discover the history of the shipbuilder and the remarkable men who steered Harland & Wolff to excellence.

"History and heritage helped build this hotel, and it can be seen in every aspect of the finish, from the carpet to the cornices," Mr John Doherty, group creative director at Harcourt Developments, explained.

Visitors from all around the world would reportedly be flying in to immerse themselves in the legacy of the Queen's island; rooms for opening week are currently almost sold out.

In addition to deluxe accommodation, the hotel will also host public-access tours of the main Drawing Offices, where the greatest minds designed the world's best vessels. This exhibition, which will tell the story of the building, will be free for the first six weeks.

Through the restoration initiative, the distinctive arches in these Drawing Offices have been kept intact by restoring the original moulding crafted by the same men who built the Titanic. Also look out for the original tiles surrounding the main bar, which are identical to the tiles used for Titanic's swimming pool. During this time, many of the hotel's other key heritage rooms will also be open to visitors on the public tours.