The best urban Instagrammers in the United States

LONDON (The Guardian) - We looked high and low on Instagram to find some of the best city photographers across the US - from New York and DC to Seattle and LA. Here are some of our favourite finds - but we know there are a lot more out there!

San Francisco, California

@juliegeb feels that San Francisco is full of colours and decorative details, and her images finds magic in the apparently mundane. "I like taking pictures of the urban walls that are a background to our life on the street. My aim is to show the beauty that is living in the most commonplace of objects - doors and windows, or an interesting detail on a building."

Cincinnati, Ohio

@nickdewald is an architect and developer who spends his time working on renovating vacant and crumbling buildings. "For whatever reason I feel compelled to capture the buildings before they are touched far more often then when they are safe, shiny and full of people," Nick explains.

New York City, New York

@eli_borrero explores the "myriad faces" of New York City. "I try to investigate the various conditions of the facade: colour, rhythm, material, texture, size, scale, depth, transparency, decay and preservation," he explains. "All of these conditions coalesce under light and shadow giving the facade - and the city - a rich dynamism that I try to capture."

@cainite_ is drawn towards the "romanticism" of New York City and tries to capture this in edits. "It is quite a personal endeavour," he explains.

Seattle, Washington

@yomichaela feels that Seattle has many different aspects and opportunities to explore: "From foggy mornings in the woods, people bustling through the city on their commute and beautiful sunsets on the skyline. I try to capture and portray many of these different moments as I encounter them."

Dallas, Texas

@eightyfour tries to capture Dallas from different angles, capturing both the architecture and the street life of the city. "I like to take my time and try to use the weather to my advantage."

Washington DC

@thisisjamesj likes shooting architecture and portraits; his #strideby photos (shown here) merge the two. "DC has such varied and interesting architecture and a vibrant street life. I find an architectural element I like then wait to see how people interact with it."

Los Angeles, California

@matevaltr is captivated by two things: "the intensity of an overall big picture of cityscapes - or people and their stories. I keep wandering around like a hunter with my eyes wide open, ready to capture something elusive and make it eternal."

Chicago, Illinois

@ryanpostel says that every day is a unique experience in Chicago. "Even the places that I walk by each day evolve so much with our seasons, the people, and the growth this city experiences. My explorations and daily walks usually lead to landscapes of the signature skyline and attempts to find symmetry in unlikely places."

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