The best time to book your trip to Bangkok, Tokyo and Taipei

According to the travel search engine Kayak's data, 23 per cent of Singaporean travellers plan for their trips only one month in advance. PHOTO: ST FILE

(ASIAONE) - Singaporeans love travelling to Asian cities and on top of all the eating and shopping, they also love a good deal.

Travel search engine Kayak has revealed the best time to book top destinations Singaporean travellers head to, such as Bangkok, Tokyo, Taipei and Hong Kong, and save around 15 per cent to 57 per cent on airfare.

For those heading to Tokyo and Seoul, the best time to book is at least five months in advance. Contrary to popular belief that booking months in advance for long-haul destinations equates to greatest airfare savings, Kayak revealed that the best time to book a flight to London is in fact only three months in advance.

Here are the top 10 most searched destinations and the best time to book.

According to the search engine's data, 23 per cent of Singaporean travellers only plan for their trips one month in advance.

Although it may be a last minute decision, some destinations may be cheaper when booked close to the date of travel. Bangkok is one of them, as well as Yangon, Bali, Krabi, Osaka and Taipei.

Here are the best-deal destinations for travellers booking one month before travel.

What about other long-haul destinations?

Kayak's regional manager of Southeast Asia, Whey Han Tan, said: "For many destinations further out like Los Angeles and Christchurch, travellers should really book as early as possible - up to seven months in advance to get the best return airfares."

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