India, beyond the slums


I refer to the Pop Culture column, More Than Slums In India (Life, March 8).

I was deeply touched by the article. I am an 80-year-old Indian woman who is visiting Singapore but who lives in India.

Negativity seems to be the cornerstone of journalism these days. The news reporting in India rarely looks at the country with compassion.

Thank you for speaking in a positive tone. India has had to contend with a multilingual, multi-religious society still clinging on to its past, while feeding itself on what the modern-day world has to offer it.


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The struggle is on and I hope our poverty and backwardness will one day become more than just a spectator sport for humankind.

Mrs Jharna Banerji


I am an Indian and have been living in Singapore for the last 20 years. This is my second home.

I have never come across someone from the media who has written about the simple fact that India is not what you see sometimes in documentaries or in Western films.

There is so much depth to the country. On the surface, it may look messy, but there are beautiful people, places and culture and different cuisines below the surface. I salute you for the positive picture you portrayed of my motherland.

Surender Singh


As an Indian living in Singapore, my heart welled with pride when I read the column.

Thank you for doing your bit in improving the image of another country. I have often wondered why even journalists of Indian origin have contributed only to the negative publicity and wanted to ask them to be more balanced. Your piece prompted me to exhort all Indians living abroad to do their bit.

Vijay Anand

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