How to deal with unexpected emergencies on your travels

Tourists may be well-prepared for their travels but sometimes unexpected scenarios happen, such as forgetting a phone charger or getting shoes wet from the rain. PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

(JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Travellers may plan thoroughly and prepare for trips ahead of time, but there is always a chance that an emergency may arise unexpectedly.

It is generally recommended to bring a small health kit during travel, which could include small but key items, such as an oral rehydration solution, known locally as oralit for cases of diarrhea. Things can get a bit tricky, however, when it is your gear that experiences a problem.

Here are some tips and tricks to handle unpredicted situations, according to

Forgotten phone charger

Your realise your phone battery is running low, only to find that you've forgotten to bring your charger. If you are staying in a hotel, try asking the receptionist, concierge or housekeeping if there is a charger you could borrow.

It is not unusual that past hotel guests accidentally left their chargers behind. In some cases, housekeeping will store the chargers left behind. Some hotels will not allow you to take the charger away, but you can charge your phone at the concierge table.

Broken zipper

One way to fix a stuck zipper is to dab soap in the problem area. If it still doesn't close, try checking whether any part of the zipper is bent and subsequently straighten it out.

The worst case scenario would mean you might need to sew shut your bag. Some hotels provide small sewing kits. This is a last resort, however, and can only be implemented at the end of the trip, when there is no more need to open the bag.

Hole in the bag

Sometimes an old backpack finally gives in to the weight, leading to it tearing and having a huge hole as a result. If you think sewing the hole closed with regular thread is sufficient, think again. The load in the bag, especially in cases of large luggage, will only rip apart the sewn section.

According to, you could instead use sturdy dental floss in place of regular thread. For extra security, you could also layer duct tape on top of the sewn part.

Wet shoes

You only brought one pair of shoes, which got wet in the rain. One trick to help them dry quickly is to fill the insides of the shoes with newspaper. Alternatively, you could use the hotel hair drier to dry the shoes.

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