Find antique goods at Pekanbaru's oldest market: Pasar Bawah

Triwindu Market in Indonesia sells antiques and more.
Triwindu Market in Indonesia sells antiques and more. PHOTO: JAKARTA POST

(THE JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK)During a recent get-together with National Science Olympics 2017 Contingent in Pekanbaru, Riau governor Arsyadjuliandi Rachman went up to the stage and made a pitching for Pasar Bawah (Down Market).

“I feel the need to introduce you to Pasar Bawah, which is now known widely as a tourist market. This market has been nominated for an Indonesian Tourism Award (API) by the Tourism Ministry,” he said.

Pasar Bawah is a must-visit location when exploring Riau. It is the market in Pekanbaru located on the riverside of Siak River and the port. The market itself is unique because instead of selling fruit and vegetables, it sells antique goods and knick-knacks from local areas and overseas.

You will find products from Malaysia, Singapore and Italia as well as second-hand electronics in affordable price.

The place also sells local products from Riau such as Riau batik, Riau tenun (Riau-style woven fabrics), Malay traditional clothing and local food such as lempuk duriandodol kedondongikan salai (smoked fish) and ikan asin (salted fish).