7 Game Of Thrones lookalike holiday homes

It did not make the list, but this holiday property in Ischia, Italy, could be the place that inspired The Red Keep.
It did not make the list, but this holiday property in Ischia, Italy, could be the place that inspired The Red Keep.PHOTO: HOMEAWAY/THE STAR

Fans of the popular television series can immerse themselves in the world of Westeros on their travels

(THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Most fans of the popular Game Of Thrones television series would have seen the opening episode of Season 7 by now. Some have been busy spilling out spoilers to all and sundry, while others have been screaming about a certain redhead singer’s cameo appearance.

To celebrate the new season, holiday rentals company HomeAway  “premiered” a list of seven properties that promise to immerse true Game Of Thrones fans in the world of Westeros. Some of the properties might have been the inspiration of the iconic buildings featured in the series. 

La Flocelliere Castle in France (right) might pass off as Winterfell. PHOTO: HOMEAWAY/THE STAR

1. Winterfell

Be the King in the North on your next holiday when you book this magnificent HomeAway castle in France, which could pass off for the home of House Stark. Tread through centuries-old stones and candlelit pathways that could easily have housed the noble Starks, although it is less spartan with modern amenities such as WiFi and washing machines. Perfect for up to 14 guests, you will hopefully live to tell the tale of your time at the property.

The Victorian Mansion House in Arbroath, Britain (right), next to Riverrun. PHOTO: HOMEAWAY/THE STAR

2. Riverrun

An impregnable fortress that would make any army falter, Riverrun was last home to the treacherous Lord Frey, who masterminded the tragic Red Wedding. The glorious lookalike is a Victorian mansion in Britain, which houses 14 bedrooms and is fully equipped with modern amenities and surrounded by woodland. It is perfect for hosting special occasions.

The historic Tower House in County Cork, Ireland (right), next to the Tower of Joy

3. Tower of Joy

Closely resembling the Tower of Joy, where a newborn Jon Snow was entrusted to Ned Stark by a dying Lyanna Stark, is this historic tower house in Roaring Water Bay, Ireland. The mediaeval tower is more than 500 years old and was last restored in 2000, although the designer deliberately kept the mediaeval elements and original building materials as a nod to its heritage.

Devon’s Tawstock Castle (right) and Storm’s End. PHOTO: HOMEAWAY/THE STAR

4. Storm’s End

Since the death of Stannis Baratheon, also known as the Lord of Storm’s End, it is uncertain who owns the castle. Said to be protected by spells woven into its walls, Storm’s End is one of the mightiest fortresses in all of Westeros, withstanding countless sieges from enemies. Stake your claim for the castle by staying at this amazing property in Devonshire, England.

Dun’s Castle near Edinburgh (right) and the House of Tarly in Hornhill. PHOTO: HOMEAWAY/THE STAR

5. Horn Hill

Dun’s Castle, near Edinburgh in Scotland, bears a striking resemblance to House Tarly of Horn Hill, one of the most powerful vassal houses in Westeros. Horn Hill may have accommodated the Tarly family of five, but this listing can host up to 23 guests in its 12 bedrooms.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast has the Tower Capperina (right) paired off with the Walls of Kings Landing. PHOTO: HOMEAWAY/THE STAR

6. Walls of King’s Landing

A look at the pristine seawater from Tower Capperina in Italy may bring to mind the tragic battle at Blackwater Bay, the largest war among the Five Kings. Like the strong walls of King’s Landing which saved the Lannisters, the property will ensure a safe and memorable getaway for a family of four.

West Virginia’s Geodesic Dome (right) matched with the Temple in King Renly’s Camp. PHOTO: HOMEAWAY/THE STAR

7. Temple in King Renly’s Camp

The temple in King Renly’s Camp may be all but a faint memory to Game Of Thrones fans - featured only in the background in one of the scenes. However, the amazing temple is one of Northern Ireland’s most photographed sights, with two nearby beaches set up as filming locations for Dragonstone and the Dorne Coast. While staying at the temple is not an option, HomeAway has the perfect alternative. An entire holiday home which can accommodate up to 14 people, the Paine Family Geodesic Dome in West Virginia in the United States features massive stone fire places and a cosy atmosphere that will keep you warm.