10 reasons to explore the untapped beauty of Broome in Western Australia

An unexpected adventure awaits you the next time you visit Down Under

World-famous Cable Beach in Broome and its iconic sunset camel ride. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA
World-famous Cable Beach in Broome and its iconic sunset camel ride. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Not your usual suspect for an Australian holiday, Broome’s rugged landscape, stunning natural wonders, rich Aboriginal heritage and intriguing history makes it the next must-visit destination on your bucket list. Here are 10 reasons why you should start packing for Broome.

1. Ride into the sunset at Cable Beach

Breathtaking sunset over the Indian Ocean at Cable Beach. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Known as one of the world’s best beaches, Cable Beach is home to a 22km stretch of pristine white sand edged by the water of the Indian Ocean. Hop on one of the beach’s iconic sunset camel rides and feel your stresses ebb away with the waves while taking in the changing hues of the sky as the sun dips below the horizon.

The iconic camel rides at Cable Beach that the whole family can enjoy. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

2. Author your own Walkabout at Bungle Bungle National Park

The breathtaking ochre escarpments of Bungle Bungles. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Chances are you probably have read James Vance Marshall’s Australian outback adventure Walkabout in school. Embark on your own Walkabout for a ‘Just another day in Western Australia’ experience amidst one of the world’s most fascinating geological landmarks, the ochre-hued and black sandstone domes known as the Bungle Bungles.

Milky Way sighting over the Bungle Bungles at night. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Fall asleep under the stars with Chan Brothers Travel’s Bungle Bungle overnight tour and marvel at the panoramic Milky Way arching over the formations.

3. Take the Staircase to the Moon

A rare full moon phenomenon not to be missed. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Not to be mistaken for Led Zeppelin’s phenomenal hit Stairway to Heaven, the moonrise at Roebuck Bay is a phenomenal sight to behold no less. This spectacular rare sight occurs between March and November: The full moon rises like burning amber and lights up the corrugated mudflats in a narrow line, creating the illusion of a flight of burning stairs leading right up to the moon. This June, catch glimpses of the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon when you book your Broome holiday with Chan Brothers Travel.

4. Explore Western Australia’s oldest cave system

Wade through the 750m Tunnel Creek located near Windjana Gorge. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Hop on a four-wheel drive to explore the beautiful outback oasis of Windjana Gorge, a 3.5km geological wonder. Or explore on foot the 750m Tunnel Creek, a cave system carved through the Napier Range. Traverse through the Denovian reef system dating back 375 million years and discover secret caves, stalactites, subterranean wildlife, and come face to face with some of the most significant Aboriginal sites in the Kimberley region.

5. Tread where the dinosaurs used to roam

Discover dinosaur footprints as you trail along Gantheaume Point. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

A long, long time ago, some 130 million years ago, the dinosaurs were already hanging out at Broome. Delight your inner palaeontologist as you trail along Gantheaume Point and identify the seven different dinosaur species that once set foot on the coast of Broome. The real dinosaur footprints, preserved in reef rock, can be seen at very low tide.

6. Unearth a remote piece of paradise

A remote paradise at Cape Leveque. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Lying at the tip of Dampier Peninsula about 200km north of Broome, the remote coastline of Cape Leveque is a dream destination for off-road travellers seeking a slice of untouched wilderness. You can enjoy – from the comfort of a four-wheel drive – breathtaking views of pristine white beach against the golden red cliffs, while pit stops along the way offer opportunities to unearth the region’s rich Aboriginal heritage.

7. Marvel at one of the greatest natural wonders

The world's only horizontal falls, nicknamed the 'Horries'. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

The Horizontal Falls in Talbot Bay has been described by naturalist David Attenborough as "one of the greatest wonders of the natural world”. The breathtaking sight is stunning, yet intriguing. The unusual phenomenon is formed when intense tidal currents of up to 10m hurtle though two narrow coastal gorges, resulting in a waterfall effect on the other side of the gorges.

8. Uncover the pearl of Australia’s North West

Join a pearl farm tour and learn all about Broome's rich pearling heritage. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Since its founding as a pearling port in 1880s, Broome has been known for producing some of the finest pearls in the world. Discover its rich pearling heritage with Chan Brothers Travel and witness the fascinating modern-day processes of pearl farming, from oyster shells to showroom shelves.

Broome produces some of the world's finest quality pearls. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

9. Reel in a catch

Fishing along the coast of Broome. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

While Broome is world-famous for its boat fishing, anglers from all around the world flock there as well. There is something for everyone when fishing at Broome, from flats fishing for permit and trevally along the shores, to bait fishing for barramundi and mangrove jacks in the creeks.

Reel in your big catch at Broome's world-famous fishing spots. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

10. This June, it is faster to fly direct to Broome than other Australian cities

An aerial view of Gantheaume Point, part of Broome's stunning landscape. PHOTO: TOURISM WESTERN AUSTRALIA

This June holiday, for a limited time only, Chan Brothers Travel offers you exclusive deals to fly directly to Broome with SilkAir, departing on the mornings of June 13, 17 and 20. With a flight time of only four hours, you will be ready to explore Broome by early afternoon.