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I am considering buying a car that is approaching its 10th year and then renewing its certificate of entitlement so that I can keep it for another decade. This way, I can own a desirable car which would have been out of my reach when it was brand new. The financial aspects aside, what should I look out for with regard to the car's condition?

The most critical factor would be the car's mileage. Have the odometer reading verified through the car's service records or ask the owner for some service or repair receipts that confirm this.

A properly documented service history is a huge plus point. Obviously, the lower the mileage, the better. Avoid a car that has clocked up anything more than 12,000km a year as this would mean you will be faced with plenty of major works in your first year of ownership.

Also, stay away from modified cars. A single-owner car should also be high on your preference list. As you intend to keep it for 10 years, never rush into the purchase unless you are buying it off someone you know well.

Have the car checked thoroughly at the official dealer or a workshop you trust. Take it for a test-drive.

The next aspect you must consider is the dealer back-up and spare-parts availability. Remember, you may not be entertained by the current authorised agent if the car was originally sold by another dealer or agent.

Also, find out if the car's spare parts are available from stockists both locally and abroad.

Be patient and you may find the ideal one-owner, low-mileage and regularly serviced car of your dreams.

Shreejit Changaroth

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