'Tis the season for 5 Christmas videos that make you go awww...

It's Christmas week and to help you get into the spirit, here are some Christmas videos for the season.

Some are heartwarming, some plain wacky, but we hope it brightens up your week!

Little girl mistakes a shopper for Santa Claus

Instead of correcting her, this man with a white beard and red shirt plays along and asks a little girl if she has been good, and what present she wants for Christmas.

Christmas wish from India

This video was made for a petition to end the sale of acid in India. It features acid victim Reshma singing a Christmas carol with a serious message.

The other Christmas gift

It's a tough choice for these children who were asked to choose gifts either for only themselves, or only their family members. The children featured all made the selfless choice. The video maker clarified that the majority of children - four out of five - made the same choice.

Man on the moon

Otherworldly and a little forlorn, this tender advertisement from department store John Lewis is strangely compelling.


Darth Santa

This is what happens when Darth Vader plays Santa. A sleekly-produced video that's more zany than touching, this one's for the Star Wars fans.