SUN RISE/SET TIME:7.16am/7.20pm

MOON RISE/SET TIME: 12.59am/1.20pm

TIDES TODAY: Singapore: 4.30am (2.7m), 10.43am (1.1m), 4.50pm (2.5m), 10.58pm (1.3m). Desaru: 4.05am (2.7m), 10.20am (1.3m), 4.35pm (2.4m), 10.35pm (1.6m). Port Dickson: 6.33am (0.7m), 11.57am (1.9m), 6.01pm (0.7m). Mersing: 3.22am (2.9m), 10.13am (1.4m), 4.30pm (2.5m), 10.10pm (1.9m).

TIDES TOMORROW: Singapore: 5.16am (2.7m), 11.58am (1.1m), 6.22pm (2.3m). Desaru: 4.48am (2.5m), 11.30am (1.3m), 6.13pm (2.4m). Port Dickson: 12.29am (2.2m), 7.39am (0.9m), 1.01pm (1.7m), 6.58pm (0.8m). Mersing: 3.56am (2.7m), 11.04am (1.3m), 6.12pm (2.6m), 11.43pm (2.1m).

For updates and more details, call Meteorological Service Singapore, NEA, on 6542-7788 or go to www.nea.gov.sg

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