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The new GravityMaster takes you to new heights

Photo: Casio

The G-Shock GravityMaster GPW-2000 is the perfect companion for active urbanites

The modern man is always on the move. Whether he is a globetrotting executive or a fitness fiend, an active lifestyle requires a tough watch to keep up with life’s demands.

Debuted at Baselworld 2017, CASIO’s new G-SHOCK GravityMaster GPW-2000 (S$1,399) is a power-packed timepiece designed specifically with aviation experts in mind.

The GravityMaster GPW-2000 is fitted with the World’s First 3-way Time Sync System — Bluetooth-equipped GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor that works synergistically with its Mission Stamp Function.

This enables pilots to keep track of their flight logs, but its suite of cool features is equally useful for men who enjoy the outdoors and have a penchant for wanderlust.

Tackling daily challenges

Its utilitarian features make it easy to apply to anyone’s daily activities such as cycling logs and trekking routes. 

The new G-SHOCK Connected App enables the GravityMaster GPW-2000 to present the tracked data in a detailed graph of the user’s movement history on any smartphone.

Simply press the button at the 4 o’clock position on the watch to record the location and time data. The information will then be transmitted to the smartphone where the user can view it on a 3D-mapping illustration.

The function was built with the aviation concept in mind, allowing pilots to log point of departure, interim and final destination. Undoubtedly, whether it is for aviation purposes, travelling or trekking, this feature enables one to look back, check on the distance travelled and mark the locations they have visited along the way.

Precision in timing

There’s nothing fashionable about being late. With the G-SHOCK GravityMaster GPW-2000, the watch will automatically sync to the destination’s time zone wherever positioned across the globe — right down to the millisecond.

This is because the GravityMaster GPW-2000 is cased with the World’s First 3-Way Time Sync System.

This newly developed module uses three advanced time-correction systems:

  • The terrestrial radio wave Reception (Multi-Band 6);
  • GPS satellite signal reception; and
  • Bluetooth transmission that syncs with the G-SHOCK Connected Mobile App.

The watch is designed to intelligently select the available system independently so the user does not need to fret over missing out on any settings. 

Not only that, CASIO has also uniquely combined this self-adjusting 3-way Time Sync System with technology that self-updates the time zone the user is currently in, as well as a self-charging Tough Solar system that needs no more than a fluorescent lamp. 

Conversely, these are some of the favourite features for travellers too, and it is not difficult to understand why.

Built to last

For adrenaline junkies who are aiming to brave the open waters in the Banzai Pipeline or skydive 4,000m above ground, there is no better timepiece than the GravityMaster GPW-2000.

Durability is the name of the game and this sturdy watch is designed to withstand the elements.

It is fitted with Triple G Resist, therefore making it almost impervious to centrifugal forces, shock and vibration.

The technology is further encased in tough fine resin and reinforced with carbon fiber material traditionally found in airplane frames, making it able to withstand stresses in high altitude.

G-Shock’s signature 200m water resistance feature, as well as its magnetic resistance function, ensures that the watch is shielded from damage at all times. 

Rugged appeal

The predominantly black watch gives it a sleek appeal that transitions nicely from the boardroom to the boardwalk.

Other nifty features include:

  • 3D face design with phosphorescent hour markers on a multi-layered dial to give excellent visibility;
  • Abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating for viewing clarity; and
  • High-brightness LED that displays the time clearly.

Merging form with function, these elements are combined together and beautifully presented to look like cockpit indicators — a nod to its aviation timekeeping heritage.