Tell a ristretto from a macchiato: Coffee drinks explained in one handy infographic

Singaporeans can tell their kopi-o gao siu dai from a kopi-si as easily as ABC. 

But what about the differences between an espresso, a ristretto and a cortado?

askST has you covered with this one handy guide that explains ang moh coffee drinks in one quick infographic. 

With more coffee lovers in Singapore buying prosumer machines to brew their own cuppas at home, coffee mania is officially a thing in Singapore. 

The Straits Times' upcoming Singapore Coffee Festival recognises Singaporeans' love affair with the caffeinated beverage with a series of workshops, talks and of course coffee offerings from local cafes which will be setting up shop at the event. The four-day event will be held at the F1 Pit Building from June 9 to 12.