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We all have some auntie-or uncle-ness in each of us. Boon Chan comes up with a quiz to find out how much

1. What do you ask your younger relatives during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali?

A. Why aren't you married yet? Have you put on weight? How much are you earning? In one breath

B. How are you?

C. Can you get me a drink?

2. There is a special item at Daiso that you want to get your hands on. You

A. Already know which outlet stocks it, thanks to the Facebook group you are in, and have signed up for a group buy

B. Queue at the nearest outlet 30 minutes before it opens

C. Know Dior, but what's Daiso?

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    Most Recent Uncle Moment: I was figuring out when (there are bigger discounts on certain days of the week) and how (which credit card and what promotion code to use) to buy toiletries online in order to score the best possible deal.

3. Where can you buy the freshest fish?

A. The seller you have been buying from for years

B. Your helper does the marketing, you do the inspecting

C. Frozen is fine

4. You are on a bus and people are tripping over your trolley of shopping. What do you do?

A. Fish out a cable tie from your purse, secure your trolley to a pole and then snooze in peace until your stop

B. Glare at anyone who dares to make eye contact and click your tongue back at anyone who "tsks" you

C. You can't remember the last time you took public transport

5. It is a super hot day. What do you drink?

A. Your regular hot drink such as teh-o

B. Beer with ice cubes

C. Perrier

6. You don't order avocado toast in a cafe because

A. Why pay for something that you can easily make yourself?

B. Nothing beats kaya toast

C. Carbs are evil

7. Your favourite form of exercise is

A. Zumba

B. Yoga

C. Spin class

8. The best thing about the National Day Parade is

A. The awesome goodie bag

B. The fact that it's free

C. The aerial fly-past

9. An advertised $2 discount does not appear on your bill after your meal. You

A. Kick up a fuss and later badmouth the eatery to everyone you know

B. Kick up a fuss until you get the discount

C. Forget about it

10. You see a long line. What do you do?

A. Join first, ask questions later

B. Try and find out what it's for

C. Walk on by

11. Your kitchen is

A. Filled with containers of every shape and size, with some still in their original packaging

B. Packed with enough canned and dried goods to see you through any apocalypse

C. Strictly for show only

12. What item do you always carry with you?

A. Wet wipes

B. Tissue paper

C. Blotting paper

13. What trigger word within earshot is most likely to grab your attention when you are out and about minding your own business?

A. Affair

B. Accident

C. Alfa Romeo

14. Which sentence do you agree with most?

A. Nagging is caring

B. Nagging is sometimes necessary

C. Nagging is wearying

15. When you hear about nose-to-tail dining, you think

A. Please, we have been eating fish head curry and oxtail stew for donkey years

B. Overpriced Western food

C. What a fascinating culinary concept

An A answer scores 10 points; B answer scores 5 points; C answer scores 0 points.

120 to 150 points

You are a card-carrying, pointearning member of the auntie and uncle club and proud of it. You can be fierce and unyielding, but you can also always be counted upon to say what’s what. Nobody messes with you.

80 to 115 points

You have definite auntie and uncle tendencies and are happy to embrace them. You can easily level up with a little effort – see A answers for some helpful tips.

35 to 75 points

You have your auntie and uncle moments but have, perhaps deliberately, kept some of your impulses in check. If your response to this is a shrug, then maybe that just isn’t your scene.

0 to 30 points

You are an un-tie or non-cle. You could possibly be a laidback tai-tai or towkay, but that can be confirmed only with another quiz.

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