Stylish multi-tasker

Blogger Aimee Song keeps a blog, works on interior design projects and has her own fashion line

Aside from creating content for her blog, Aimee Song also has an apparel line that features T-shirts and sweatshirts.
Aside from creating content for her blog, Aimee Song also has an apparel line that features T-shirts and sweatshirts. PHOTOS: GIN TAY FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

Interior designer and fashion blogger Aimee Song makes multi-tasking look easy and she does it with style too.

From maintaining her blog song, which documents her travels, interior architecture work, and fashion and beauty choices, to taking on interior design projects to hopping on a plane at least twice a month, the 29-year-old Korean- American is always on the move.

Speaking to The Straits Times, Song, who has 3.8 million followers on Instagram, says her hectic lifestyle does not stress her out.

"I like doing different things at the same time. It doesn't stress me out, but I think I stress other people out."

She was in Singapore as one of the speakers for the Galboss Asia Symposium 2016, a one-day conference in July that brought together women entrepreneurs and leaders.


  • I bought this in Paris. My favourite colours are red and blue and this bag has both. I like it because it is classic but different and it is a design I have not seen anywhere else.

  • Things in her bag


    I bought these online and I like them because the shape flatters my face.


    I've always loved dried mangoes and everyone I've been meeting recently has been giving them to me. I've been piling them up. I don't smoke or do drugs or drink alcohol, so this is my vice.


    This is my favourite portable product because it is great for touch-ups. I always have it with me. I use it as a blush or to add colour to my lips.


    I am obsessed with making my lips look bigger. Using a lip pencil also helps my lipstick stay on longer.


    I got this from the Philippines when I was there some time back. I like the flavour.


    I have piercings but I like clip-ons too because they're so easy to wear. I have these in my bag because you never know when you have to dress up or change your look.

Based in Los Angeles,Song says she joined the conference because she thought it was important that women from different industries and backgrounds come together to share their stories and how they got to where they are.

"I was also more interested in hearing from other women. I learnt a lot from them too," she says, adding that drive and passion are what women entrepreneurs need to succeed.

These qualities have certainly contributed to the success of her blog, which receives about two million page views a month.

She started the site in 2008 when she was studying Interior Architecture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her posts - most of which shared interior design projects she had worked on, fashion outfits she put together or her sources of creative inspiration - got positive reactions online for her fresh opinions and contemporary style.

Brands also started taking notice of her. Watch label Fossil approached her in 2009 to model for their holiday lookbook.

Since then, she has worked with other brands including Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, cosmetic label Laura Mercier and American luxury department chain Bloomingdale's.

On working with such big names, Song says: "I think every project I did has been a stepping stone that has helped me get to the next point. I'm very selective about who I work with. I have to like the brand, believe in it and genuinely use it."

Besides creating content for her blog, which has a new video almost every week, she also has an apparel line, Two Songs, which she started in 2014 with her 26-year-old sister, Dani. The line is sold on her website and features street-styled T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Her latest project is a book that she has been writing for the last two years. Capture Your Style, set to be released on Sept 20 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, is a guide to crafting a voice and style on Instagram and building a brand through social media.

How does she keep it together?

Song, who is dating a photographer, says: "I think you just have to prioritise things in your life and make certain sacrifices. There are times when I want to go for a cool concert, but I'm too tired from travelling so I stay home with my two dogs."

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