ST Podcast: Star Awards special! Favourite Channel 8 dramas and their legacy for Singapore TV viewers

The Straits Times' Yeo Sam Jo (left) and Jan Lee dress the part and discuss the upcoming 2019 Star Awards, favourite Channel 8 dramas and their legacy for Singapore TV viewers.

Pop Vultures (Season 1: Ep 6) April 12: Star Awards special! Favourite Channel 8 dramas and their legacy for Singapore TV viewers

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Synopsis: A podcast by The Straits Times that examines all the ins and outs of pop culture, be it Asian entertainment or Hollywood.

Singapore television's biggest event - the Star Awards - is having its 25th anniversary this year. Take a trip down memory lane as Pop Vultures Jan Lee and Yeo Sam Jo share their favourite local drama moments, iconic theme songs and ridiculous tropes and plot lines.

What is the legacy and value of local dramas for Singaporeans? How much did it teach Singaporeans about change as a nation?

In an age of Netflix, Youtube and HBO - are local dramas still relevant? Join the Pop Vultures as they cover moments like catching poker cards in the sky, to running down Orchard Road in a bikini.

Here's what they cover:

Most memorable shows and favourite shows they have watched: The Unbeatables (双天至尊), Golden Pillow (金枕头), Love Me, Love Me Not (真爱无敌), Wok Of Life (福满人间), Stand By Me (家人有约), A Place To Call Home (薯条汉堡青春痘), Darling In-Law (我的岳母是巫婆)

Massive productions that once featured almost all local actors: Return Of The Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣), long form drama Holland Village (荷兰村), The Hotel (大酒店)

Most memorable television moments: The Champion's (任我遨游) bikini on Orchard Road scene, The Price Of Peace (和平的代价) traumatic rape scene, Ivy Lee (李锦梅) in Angel's Dream (真相)

Ridiculous tropes, plot lines and ways to die in local dramas: The Unbeatables, The Reunion (顶天立地)

Iconic local drama theme songs such as Mavis Hee's 城里的月光, Power Station's 我吃得起苦.

Legacy of local dramas and how it recorded Singapore's rapid change as a nation: Pagers, payphones, old buses and taxis

Period dramas set in Singapore and how it made history accessible: The Price of Peace introducing war hero Lim Bo Seng, Singapore as a regional entertainment hub and promoting Chinese culture and language (17:00)

The old and new crop of local actors, classic Star Award fashion and moments and the relevance and quality of local dramas going forward

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Produced by: Jan Lee, Yeo Sam Jo and Ernest Luis

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