Sleepless in Singapore: The best things to do here after dark

Nation of insomniacs? Sleep evades many in Singapore, partly because of the 24/7 economy and many distractions after dark.

Singaporeans spend 57 minutes a night awake on average, accounting for 13.5 per cent of their nightly sleep. PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG/ORCHARD HOTEL

There is a cure for insomnia. It is not a pill

New research published in August in the American Heart Association's Circulation journal shows that people suffering from insomnia are at greater risk of coronary artery disease, heart failure and stroke.


Gig economy: I pick, scan and sort online shopping packages for 8 back-breaking hours at Ninja Van

A lot of the work is automated. A conveyor belt feeds packages into one end. Scanners inside read the address barcodes. At the other end, mechanical arms push the packages into the correct cage.


5 new supper places to check out

Many nightbirds would know of the 57-year-old Swee Choon dim sum restaurant in Jalan Besar or the eateries in Geylang or Orchard Towers. Or the Soon Li yong tau foo stall in Bukit Merah View that draws queues from midnight until 3am, while Ramen Keisuke Lobster King in Clarke Quay opens until 5am.

If you have already been to those places, here are some newer ones to check out.


Capturing the party mood: Nightlife photographer turns niche job into full-time career

A capacity crowd of 2,500 people has turned up for Liquid Nights, a showcase by Hong Kong-based music label Liquid State. They are there for DJ megastars, Dutchman Rehab and Norwegian Alan Walker, who are spinning back-to-back sets.

There to capture the party mood is Zouk's usual go-to photographer Afiq Omar, the 31-year-old founder of Colossal Photos, the premier nightlife photography collective in Singapore.


Night-time ramblings: Refreshing walks in Alexandra, Ulu Pandan and Punggol

Take a nocturnal amble on these three easy paths and you could just walk yourself to a better night's sleep.


5 secret Singapore bars and clubs

Singapore is abuzz at night, but a handful of these nightspots are well-hidden and known only to a few. The Straits Times unveils them.


Try cosmic bowling or reel in the prawns at 10 unique places in Singapore that open till late

Whether you're a party animal looking for a wild night of entertainment or a night owl hoping to explore a fascinating new place, there's something for you in the city that never sleeps. The Straits Times recommends 10 unique places that open till late.


Losing sleep after leaving my daughter in boarding school abroad

Even with the best outlook, as a glass-half-full, eternal optimist sort, like myself, we cannot sugarcoat the fact that our lives are overflowing with times when we must let go, relinquish, set loose a person, place, or thing.


Some parents have trouble getting their kids to go to bed

The Health Promotion Board has sleep guidelines for children (, which are taken from the National Sleep Foundation in the United States.

The guidelines advise that pre-schoolers aged between three and five should have 10 to 13 hours of sleep, while schoolchildren aged between six and 13 should sleep for nine to 11 hours.


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