A shrimp named after Pink Floyd

Synalpheus pinkfloydi.
Synalpheus pinkfloydi.PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE
Elton John.
A lane that runs near the central business district in Melbourne is named ACDC Lane.
A lane that runs near the central business district in Melbourne is named ACDC Lane.PHOTO: ACDC LANE/INSTAGRAM
A greeting card from Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
A greeting card from Liverpool John Lennon Airport.PHOTO: LIVERPOOL JOHN LENNON AIRPORT/INSTAGRAM
John Lennon.
Horse fly.
Horse fly.PHOTO: CSIRO

The zoologist who discovered the creature is a fan of the British band

A newly discovered shrimp species with a bright pink claw and an ability to produce one of the loudest sounds in the ocean has been named after legendary British band Pink Floyd, zoologists said last week.

Synalpheus pinkfloydi has a bright pink claw that "just like all good rock bands" can produce large amounts of sonic energy, according to a post on the blog of the University of Oxford's Museum of Natural History.

Zoologist Sammy de Grave said the shrimp was discovered off the coast of Panama.

By closing its distinctive claw at rapid speed, the shrimp can produce a sound strong enough to stun or even kill a small fish.

A description of the shrimp appeared in the journal Zootaxa last Wednesday and the Oxford team also featured the shrimp in fictitious covers for the legendary British rock band's iconic albums Animals (1977) and The Wall (1979).

"I often play Pink Floyd as background music while I'm working," Dr de Grave said.

"But now the band and my work have been happily combined in the scientific literature."

The Straits Times takes a look at other musical acts whose names have been immortalised.

Elton John

Singapore got into the act of paying tribute to big stars with the naming of an orchid after the British superstar Elton John (above) in 2011.

The orchid species Doritaenopsis was renamed Doritaenopsis Sir Elton John.

At the 20th World Orchid Conference held in Marina Bay Sands, the singer told the media at a ceremony: "This is a great honour as I am an avid lover of gardens. Thank you for your kindness... this is indeed the most beautiful specimen of orchid."

He added that he was going to take it back to his garden in England "to grow some orchids so we can have our own at home".

John Lennon

Imagine, he once sang, in a big hit that he penned in 1971. But this tribute to the Beatle is no mere flight of imagination.

In 2001, the city of Liverpool renamed Liverpool Airport in honour of the hometown musician who supported charitable causes in his songs such as Give Peace A Chance and Happy Xmas (War Is Over) after the Fab Four broke up.

Yoko Ono, widow of the murdered Lennon, said of the renaming of Liverpool Airport: "John always reminded us of the sense of fun in life. I hope the airport will send a great message to all corners of the world.

"As John said, there is no hell below us, above us only skies."

Liverpool John Lennon Airport's logo also carries a cartoon self-portrait of Lennon and the words Above Us Only Sky - a line from Imagine.


For Those About To Rock, We Salute You, Australian band AC/DC declared in the title of an album rolled out in 1981.

In 2004, the city of Melbourne repaid the courtesy, naming a lane that runs near the central business district ACDC Lane.

The officials, however, refused to insert a lightning bolt between AC and DC, which is often used in the band's marketing materials.

But a die-hard fan soon attached an artwork of the bolt on the street plaque to complete the tribute.


Behind all the glitz and the glamour of the name Beyonce is also a horse fly.

It actually goes by the name of Scaptia beyonceae.

Its abdomen glows with a thick patch of golden hair which provided the inspiration for scientists to come up with its diva-related name.

The rare species was actually collected in 1981, the year that Beyonce (right) was born. The singer had a hit called Bootylicious with her group Destiny Child in 2001.

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