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Inside actress Jean Goh's bag - black meteorite necklace, drawing kit and more

Home-grown singer Jean Goh sang at the Hong Kong superstar's world tour in China last year and hopes to break into the US market one day

Singer Jean Goh is now working on her first feature-length film project, in which she plays the lead.
Singer Jean Goh is now working on her first feature-length film project, in which she plays the lead. ST PHOTOS: KHALID BABA

Jean Goh discovered her ability to cry on command at the age of five, when she did it to get her brothers off her back.

Her parents decided to send her for a children's drama class.

This led to her first role in the 1997 Mediacorp war drama, The Price Of Peace - a small part as a wartime casualty.

Today, the 27-year-old, who goes by the monicker Jean Seizure, is involved in both the film and music industry.

Besides having a number of short films and dramas under her belt, she is also a singer-songwriter.

In this sense, she is following in the footsteps of her parents, who are 1970s Mandarin pop singers Wu Gang and Xia Hui.

As a teenager, she began writing her own songs and posting videos of herself singing on YouTube.

Singer Jean Goh is now working on her first feature-length film project, in which she plays the lead. ST PHOTOS: KHALID BABA

She won the local Mandarin singing competition, Hear Me Sing, in 2016 and joined a cappella band The Apex Project in the same year.

The band won the Singapore Acapella Championship 2016 and will tour with the Hong Kong International Acapella Festival 2018 from this month.

In July last year, Goh shared the stage with Hong Kong superstar Jacky Cheung in Harbin, China, for the Jacky Cheung Classic World Tour.

When she was in school, juggling her many interests with her studies was difficult.

"I had a teacher who really hated the fact that I was an actress. She'd pick on me a lot, saying things like, 'Oh, you know how to act, but your results suck.'

"At that point in my life, I just felt, like, maybe I really was stupid."

To focus on school, she stopped acting in Secondary 4, re-entering the entertainment industry only after graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, where she studied mass communications.

She is now working on her first feature-length film project, in which she plays the lead.

The film, which is in post-production, is a neo-noir film about duality that Goh describes as "edgy and gritty".

Her debut single, an English track titled Night, is also in the pipeline. Together with a music video, it will be released next month.

She also hopes to tour the United States with her a cappella band one day.

"Getting to the US would mean we've reached a certain level and being on an international stage means we can show people from other countries what Singapore is, and what Singaporeans can do. That's our long-term goal."

Things in her bag


I bought this about three years ago. It's pretty basic - there's a pencil, pen and a multicoloured pencil too.

When I was a kid, I had a love-hate relationship with drawing because in primary school, my teacher criticised my art as I didn't like colouring.

But I went on to take art in secondary school anyway and that made me realise that sometimes even if someone doesn't like the things you do, it doesn't mean you're bad at it.


I like this book because it's very honest; it doesn't paint a rosy picture of anything. Rather, it shows you how you can deal with things by choosing what is important to yourself.


This was a gift from my mum. Some time last year, I was having lunch with her when I saw this necklace at a flea market nearby. I really liked it, so my mum bought it for me.

It was really sweet because it had been a while since we had had one of those mother-daughter moments. We're both really busy, so we seldom eat together. The seller said the pendant is a piece of meteorite and that it's supposed to help with depression, but I don't believe in that stuff.


This is a new memo pad I got for myself. I have a lot of notebooks like this because I like to buy them on a whim. They are really useful for when I get random ideas that I want to write down or if I just feel like drawing.


This is my first pair of in-ear monitors, which are devices used by musicians in order to hear the music during live performances. I bought it last year when I performed at the Jacky Cheung concert tour.

It's especially meaningful to me because every professional musician has his own pair of monitors. They aren't cheap, so it was a bit of a milestone moment for me when I got them. As an a cappella singer, they're very important to have while I am performing on stage, because I work with just my vocals and no backing music.


This is the first camera I bought with my own money. I use it for work, for when I shoot videos for The Apex Project.

I also find photography therapeutic. I like taking photos of people and it inspires me when I take a nice photo of a split moment.


All my work - video editing, ideas, music, old songs, new songs, songs in progress, music videos in progress - is in here. It's really heavy, but I take it everywhere.

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