K-pop sex scandal: Seungri says he warned Jung Joon-young about sharing of sex footage

SEOUL • Seungri has revealed that he told K-pop artist Jung Joon-young not to share, via a group chat, secretly filmed footage of women in sex acts.

Speaking to newspaper Chosun Ilbo, the former BigBang singer said: "When we met in person, I told him to stop and warned him he'd get in big trouble. I said that to everyone, not just Jung.

"I just never said it through text."

Jung, 30, was arrested last week over the illicit filming of 10 women and sharing of the videos.

Seungri, 28, who has been booked over the provision of sexual favours to would-be investors of Burning Sun, clarified that he was just a poster boy for the club. It has been hit by allegations, from drug use to bribery to avoid punishment.

Reiterating that "what is being reported right now is far from the truth", he added: "The club wanted to attract a younger crowd and foreigners, so my name was used in the promotions. Because the club was run at a hotel, I assumed nothing bad would happen.

"I was just the face of the club. All I did was let them use my name and invest 10 million won (S$12,000). If they did (anything bad), I'm also a victim as an investor.


"I didn't know anything. All I did was promote for them."

Seungri, who announced his show business exit recently, said: "I want things to calm down until the investigation is over and people can see what's going on in an objective light.

"I'm very apologetic to the fans and public, my former agency YG and my groupmates, who've been with me for more than 10 years."

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