Service with a smile

The Gain City BTO Group Buy is a great place for new homeowners to furnish their shiny new apartment. In this three-part interview series, satisfied customers share their experiences with Gain City, from customer service, to its megastore’s amenities, to its jaw-dropping prices.

Ms Carmen Choy and her husband Mr Jeremiah Woo appreciated the quick service and wealth of knowledge provided by the Gain City staff. PHOTO: SPH CONTENT LAB
Ms Carmen Choy and her husband Mr Jeremiah Woo appreciated the quick service and wealth of knowledge provided by the Gain City staff. PHOTO: SPH CONTENT LAB

How did you first hear about Gain City? Why did you decide to go there in the first place?

Carmen: We’d gotten our keys and I came across Gain City's BTO Group Buy advertisement on Facebook. So I thought there would be no harm in signing up to have a look and find out more. I was quite surprised when I received a call from their staff within one to two weeks, inviting me to go for the BTO Group Buy. She even called me closer to the date as a reminder. 

Jeremiah: We decided to check out the BTO Group Buy because their Ang Mo Kio showroom is within the same neighbourhood as our new flat. Plus, we heard from friends that Gain City is a trusted brand, so it was a good opportunity to see what promotions they offered. In the end, we got most of our big items from the group buy, like our fridge, washing machine and air-conditioner, among others. The prices were very reasonable.

Carmen: As new home owners, we were rather uncertain about how to go about the buying process. Singaporeans are naturally quite price-sensitive, you know? We always want to make sure we get the most value for money. However, the sincerity of the staff convinced us to put down the deposit.

How was your experience interacting with the sales staff? 

Carmen: Very positive! When we were at the showroom, we would constantly ask the staff which brands they were using at home, and which brands they would buy. They were very genuine in their responses, and explained the brands’ differences quite thoroughly — how each of them works, their pros and cons, and so on. Overall we felt the Gain City staff had stellar product knowledge across the different brands, which helped greatly in our selection process.    

Jeremiah: I think what impressed me was the fact that they were not pushy. They were confident in their products and just shared the benefits of the appliances. So even when we said we felt certain models or brands may not be suitable, they gave us the time to look at others — but were always around to offer information when we needed. Regardless of whether we were at the Ang Mo Kio showroom or the Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut, we could spend more than half a day just browsing, with no pressure from the staff at all.

What about buying mattresses?

Carmen: That was another area where the sales staff showed their attention to detail and consideration. They noticed I was wearing a dress, so they provided a blanket so that I could put my feet up and test out the mattresses. Since both of us have our personal preferences for mattress firmness, it was important that both of us get to fully experience the mattresses — which we managed to do.

Jeremiah: Buying mattresses was probably the most fun of the entire shopping experience, because you get to lie down and try out every single one until you find the most “shiok” one. It’s kind of like buying durian. 

How was the installation process? 

Carmen: Installation was hassle-free; the date was fixed the moment we put down the deposit, and the staff even called us to confirm prior to delivery. When we had to change one of the delivery dates, it was a simple matter of making a phone call. Plus, I really appreciated that someone picked up the phone almost instantly. There were no long waiting times or automated responses.

Jeremiah: During the actual installations, the technicians were very professional and fast. We sought their advice because we wanted to swap the positions of the air-conditioning units. We thought they would brush us off, but the technicians actually took the time to give their opinions on what would work and what wouldn’t, and even consulted our interior designer to determine an ideal arrangement.