Season's greetings: 5 Christmas ads in 2017 to tug at your heartstrings

A father and daughter dance in the BBC One ad, two bears meet in the Heathrow Airport ad, a monster turns friend in the John Lewis ad, an encouraging sibling in the Morrissons ad and the union of carrots in the Aldi UK ad. PHOTO: YOUTUBE/BBCONE, HEATHROW AIRPORT, JOHN LEWIS, ADLI UK, MORRISONS

With the holiday season in full swing, many retailers in the United Kingdom have unveiled their wintry offerings set to fill consumers with the spirit of Christmas.

With heartwarming tales of joy and festive cheer, here are some of the advertisements that have made the Internet fall in love.

1. BBC One

Television channel BBC One's two-minute long animation released on Dec 2 tells the story of a girl who has been rehearsing excitedly for her school's Christmas talent show.

All day long, she dances away to Clean Bandit's Symphony, but her father is too swamped with work to notice her passion.

On the day of the performance, she walks onstage and freezes in front of the audience.

Jus as she thinks that her father is not there to support her yet again, he appears and nudges her along with a few dance moves.

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Soon, the duo start to perform the routine together - and it becomes clear that the father has been paying attention after all.

The story illustrates the joy of a shared moment and the importance in "coming together" this Christmas.

2. Heathrow Airport

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The cuddy bear couple from Heathrow's highly successful commercial last year are back - with a poignant and nostalgic tale of how Edward and Doris Bair met and fell in love in the 1960s, while travelling through Heathrow airport.

The bears were first introduced last year as an elderly couple returning home to their family for Christmas.

This year, the two-minute commercial released on Nov 14 recounts how Edward, as a passenger on a British Airways flight in 1967, first meets Doris, a flight attendant.

Over the next 50 years, the pair continue to meet at the airport terminal during the holiday season, first bearing gifts and later, accompanied by their children and grandchildren.

Titled It's A Wonderful Flight, it shows that the holidays are all about warm, fuzzy reunions with your loved ones.

3. John Lewis

British department store John Lewis released its eagerly anticipated advertisement on Nov 10, featuring an imaginary monster, Moz.

Earlier that week, it gave a glimpse of the cuddly creature in a four-second clip on a mysterious @UnderTheBed2017 Twitter account.

The post got social media abuzz, with many rightly guessing it to be a John Lewis advertisement.

It centres on the heartwarming friendship between the 7-foot-tall monster and seven-year-old Joe, who has been kept awake by the incessant snoring under his bed.

The pair quickly become close, spending nights playing together. But this soon takes a toll on Joe, who dozes off in lessons and in football practice during the day.

Moz soon realises he has to let his friend go, but not before leaving a badly wrapped present under the Christmas tree.

The advertisement closes with Joe falling asleep to the glittery glow of a night light - the gift from Moz.

4. Aldi UK

Supermarket chain Aldi charmed viewers with its cute little Kevin the Carrot, which aired on Nov 7.

This year, Kevin finds a love interest in the form of Katie, another carrot who catches his eye at the end of a long dinner table on board an Orient Express-inspired train. The scenes also feature subtle film references to The Bodyguard and Titanic.

Kevin survives a popping champagne cork, flying peas and forks to win Katie's heart, as he makes his way across the lavish Christmas feast.

Aldi released its 30-second sequel on Dec 7, with an adorable conclusion to the love story.

Kevin and Katie are still together, with three little baby carrots of their own.

5. Morrisons

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Supermarket chain Morrisons' festive offering this year brings a timely reminder of sibling love.

The heartwarming 40-second advertisement, posted on YouTube on Nov 7, opens with a family visiting a reindeer at a Christmas market, where a young girl is seen clutching some food hesitantly, before her elder brother encourages her.

"Go on," he says and she sticks her hand out.

In the next few scenes, the girl is tasked with puttingthe finishing touches to the Christmas tree and she also stars in a Christmas play.

With her brother urging her to "go on", she completes both tasks.

The pair are seen exchanging knowing looks.

The advertisement ends with a Christmas family feast. The brother tells his sister "go on" yet again, and they pick up their puddings with their hands and dig in.

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