Scare fest: 5 unusual Halloween events in Singapore

Halloween is here again, and the list of scare events grows ever longer. If you're bored of the usual shocks, here are five events that offer something a bit different.



1) Fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter famously said in Silence Of The Lambs: "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti." If hearing that line left you feeling peckish, Saint Pierre's Hannibal Lecter's Halloween Dinner might be up your alley. The degustation menu is inspired by the character, with dishes that look like body parts, including an eyeball. More information here:


2) Do you watch zombie chase scenes and think, "Hang on, that looks like fun"? You are probably one of the people who will be gathering en masse for the Halloween edition of zombie race Run For Your Lives Asia. In it, runners navigate through obstacles while avoiding zombies, which hide along the route.

In perhaps the most bizarre assembly line ever conceived, the zombie partipants have their corpse make-up done in just 10 minutes, by shuttling through four stations in a process that will involve about 50 make-up artists. If this sounds like fun, we hope you got in early - registration for both survivors and zombies is closed. More information here:



3) Even gyms are getting in on the Halloween act. Aileron Wellness's Bootcamp On Elm Street promises lifting pumpkins instead of kettlebells and pulling nooses instead of gym rings, all topped off with a "spine-chilling" yoga sequence. Judging from the videos posted on the gym's Facebook page, Sadako from The Ring and Ghostface from Scream will make appearances, although we don't know how scary they'll be if they're jumping around. More information here:



4) Most Halloween events are fun and games, but how many equip you with skills to survive a real-life zombie outbreak? Geek Crusade's Zombie Survival School aims to do just that. With topics like The Surprisingly Useful Nature Of Everyday Items In The Zombie Apocalypse taught by certified experts (they say), the school claims to be "your best bet for staying alive when the inevitable happens". More information here:

5) How often do you get to witness a wedding ceremony for ghosts? Research into a "cursed" painting found at a former Chinese medicinal clinic uncovered the mysterious disappearance of a couple in 1960s Singapore. Marriage Of The Spirts, a pop-up event by And So Forth, will be a ghost marriage ceremony and wedding banquet for the young man and his lover, to "try to bring some peace to the couple’s restless souls". How much of this is true? Details are scant, making this even spookier than it sounds. More information here: